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To help everyone contribute in healing the damage made to this planet, we started finding alternatives from the smallest things that were causing a tonne of problems on this planet (Plastic Disposables). Our Water Bottle made of Stainless Steel on the inside with a Palm Fibre Sleeve outside intends on eliminating the single most problematic and unnecessary waste we all tend to generate – PACKAGED DRINKING WATER BOTTLE.

With the use of our products you can successfully skip buying water on-the-go and save a lot of money as well. Water is a free resource so why pay for it? One-time investment on our product can save you upto INR 7000/- every year. How cool is that?

A range of high quality stainless steel water bottles with non-removable fiber sleeve that are compact and convenient for one to carry. Biotle intends to be that lightweight and fashionable water bottle that people find easy to carry and also love to flaunt what they own. It is a perfect combination of utility, durability, style and convenience. It also makes an amazing Zero Waste Sustainable Gift. Its compactness makes it fit into any medium sized bag you wish to carry.

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Key Features & Benefits :

  • High-Quality Food Grade – 100% Stainless Steel
  • Size : 9 inches height x 10 inches circumference
  • Lasts a lifetime WITH PROPER CARE – Unbreakable!
  • Does not react with drinks, unlike plastics.
  • Palm Fibre sleeve for slip-free grip to the bottle
  • Non-removable fiber sleeve makes the fiber last long because constant removal of the sleeve would cause the sleeve to break easily.
  • For cleaning – Wash the interior of the bottle as usual – with soap if you wish to. But for the exterior of the bottle avoid soap – wash with plain water and towel dry immediately and let the sleeve air dry for a few hours. Water makes the fiber expand and in turn, makes it stronger. Soap could cause the fiber to erode.
  • Fiber sleeve also keeps delays heating of liquid during hot exterior temperatures
  • Refrigerator safe
  • Leakproof water bottle
  • No transference of odors
  • Because of its longevity, steel is sustainable
  • Stylish Natural Fiber Sleeve to make heads turn.
  • The fiber sleeve is hard and durable WITH MAINTENANCE. It tends to dry over time as it loses its natural moisture. But the restoration of moisture is easy and recommended as part of maintenance.
  • In case of dryness in fiber sleeve – Dip a cloth in plain water and wet the sleeve on the outside, Towel Dry the sleeve and Massage pea size amount of any natural kinds of butter/oils on the outside of the sleeve for 1 minute.

Image for reference only. Every unit of our Fibre Water Bottle is different from the other, simply because we cannot control the patterns and shades nature creates. We would not want to modify anything because of how naturally beautiful it is. It is impossible for us to showcase every single piece. Image is only for reference to functionality. The model of the product remains the same but the color it comes in might vary vastly.


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Biomimic Theory is an organization striving to find reusable and sustainable alternatives to disposables & environmentally harmful products that we use on a daily basis. We aim at facilitating each and every one with alternatives that can easily fit into their current lifestyle. We want people to make a shift in their lifestyle without them having to largely compromise on their convenience & comfort.

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Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Return Policy:Fab Array : Our Fab Array products are made from industrial waste fabric. In case of products with stripes, the placement of the stripe might vary from the image since the products are hand cut and stitched by rural artists. Returns will not be accepted for variation in stripe placements. Returns are only accepted if there's a real damage in the functionality of the products such as tears, cuts, etc...Bio Array : This product is entirely handmade and the color and pattern vary from piece to piece the colors shown in the image might not be the same colors that you would receive since it's something we cannot control. Kindly understand that you will receive a slightly varying shade, pattern and color upon purchase of this product whereas the functionality remains the same.Biotle : The Biotle is made of Stainless steel and the sleeve is handmade with areca leaf. The color shade and pattern you receive might vary vastly since we have no control over the shades and patterns of areca coming from nature. The cutting might not be exactly symmetrical since they are hand cut and there might be slight bumps on the sleeve that's natural leaf texture. In such cases there will be no return accepted. Returns are accepted only if the sleeve is broken before you use it. Or leakage in bottle.For any returns : Kindly share images of damages on [email protected] and we will help you figure it out.