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With the new regulatory guidelines, i.e., Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 under the Environment Protection Act, 1986 restricting plastic usage coming into place it has become imperative for us to rethink how we package our products.

As sustainable brands we need to ensure that our single use plastic usage is as minimal as possible. Keeping this in mind we have introduced Eco-friendly packaging solutions for you that will not only help you comply with the regulations but also help you move towards packaging that cause minimal impact on the environment. Solutions that not only optimise the use of materials but are also compostable.

  1. Green WrapPak – an alternative to bubble wrap 

Greenwrap is a solution that  offers optimal protection to your products with superior unboxing experience and stimulated fast wrapping. All this whole being so small in size that it doesn’t take up any storage space in your warehouse as compared to other options like bubble wrap.

It is a self contained, disposable and recyclable combination of die cut kraft paper and tissue interleaf that in combination is used to cushion and protect fragile items during shipment. It expands the paper into a 3D honeycomb structure, providing a unique and environmentally friendly wrapping product. The small size allows it to placed on any table top or packing area, providing 750’ of finished wrapping material.


*Automated machine with replaceable rolls also available.

  1. Self Adhesive Paper Tapes

  • 100% compostable/ recyclable
  • made of biodegradable adhesive
  • strong Kraft paper for light to heavy duty packaging
  • can be recycled along with the box
  • easily torn by hand
  • strong resistance to moisture and humidity
  • Super viscous making it tamper proof
  • Custom branding available
Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.14.57 PM.png
  1. Water Activated Tapes

Water-activated tape (WAT), also known as gummed tape, is a form of paper tape with a water-based chemical adhesive that is reactivated by water. Water-activated tape can be found in plain Kraft paper for light cartons or with several layers of paper and reinforcement for heavy parcels. When the water-activated adhesive is applied to a carton, a capillary action bonds the tape to the carton. This permanent bond is tamper-resistant and tamper-evident. WAT is not affected by dirt, dust oil or extreme temperature environments.

How do I use water-activated packaging tape? | Sticker Mule
*Custom Branding Available

  1. Void Fill

Void fill is used to protect products from damage by filling the excess space in the shipping box. This prevents the items inside from moving or breaking during shipping. FillPak packaging material is clean, efficient, reliable and flexible. It is dispensed on-demand in a high-volume configuration, so less packaging material is required.

void fill.png

Watch video for more information: https://vimeo.com/207489290

  1. Water resistant Eco-friendly Envelopes *Upcoming Product

The perfect alternative to plastic courier bags. 

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